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Simple Ways To Make Your Life Easier As A Young Person

Ever heard of minimalism?

It’s the practice of cutting out unnecessary belongings or activites from your life to make everything more simple.

Many people swear by it, as do I, but I also swear by 8 other practices that have brought me joy the past two years.

Millennials complicate happiness way too much if you asked me. We all do in some way or another.

Young people often get so caught up in finding the right job, apartment, or partner that they lose sight of the simple things.

It turns out you don’t need much to be happy. Even after I quit freelancing, cancelled a trip to Europe, and basically admitted I‘m very nervous about my own future, I’m the happiest I’ve been in a while.

How is that?

I do these 8 things.

1. Spend Time With Your Parents

At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.

– Jane D. Hull

My mom and I have quite a lot of fun with each other. In fact, we’re the closest we’ve ever been even though we’ve spent 10+ hours around each other every day for the last year.

Even my dad is the same way. We can talk politics for hours without a problem. Before we used to really get heated (he is a Conservative and I identify as a Liberal), now it’s fine.

It’s surreal for me to be home with my parents. I thought I’d be in another city making my life. I think they did, too.

Because I see this as borrowed time, I’m really enjoying every moment of it.

When you get older your parents can become less of an influence, but if you keep them in the spotlight just a little bit more, you’ll find decisions become easier (because of their guidance), and life gets much more fun because there’s a new dynamic now.

They respect me as an individual and I do the same. It brings me a lot of joy.

2. Cut Back On Drinking At The Bar

“Drink water; put the money in your pocket, and leave the dry bellyache in the punchbowl.”

-Ben Franklin

I didn’t say cut back on drinking (even though you should do that, too), I said cut back on drinking at the bar.

It’s too expensive, you probably won’t remember much, and half of the following day is pretty much shot because you’re tired.

It’s incredible how much having a couple friends over for a beer or two can completely satisfy any need for social interaction.

It’s cheaper, easier, and more simple this way, not to mention you’re actually able to HEAR the person you’re chatting with.

The bar’s just too loud.

3. Cook Dinner For Yourself Six Days A Week

I love cooking. You might not and that’s okay, but I promise if you incorporate more home-cooked meals into your weekly routine, you’ll feel much healthier.

You’ll be surprised how much you come to love cooking when you do it more often. I suggest watching Gordon Ramsay YouTube videos and emulating his instructions — that guy cooks some pretty amazing stuff.

This makes you a little more self-reliant, capable, and not to mention more attractive to any potential partners on the market / your current partner.

It’s a win-win.

Then on the seventh day you can go out!

4. Call Your Best Friend Once Per Week

My best friend and I chat for an hour every week. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. After I tell him all the recent news from my life on the phone, it’s like the slate is wiped clean.

First of all, best friends are hard to come by — I know that. It’s even harder to get on the phone with someone regularly once per week (I’m a lucky guy).

BUT, even if you call your best friend once every two weeks or once per month, that would still get the job done in my opinion.

You need to get that slate wiped clean. There are certain things you can only tell your best friend, and that time with them is incredibly helpful to get things off your chest.

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