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Life Hacks To Improve Your Health

Life is already busy, messy, and filled with unexpected surprises. So why contribute to the chaos by making health harder than it has to be? Hack your way to better health with these  clever fitness and kitchen tricks that will save you time, money, and a headache. Use these health hacks for weight loss, an energy boost, or simply to feel a little healthier every day.

1. Kickstart your morning with lemon water

Start every morning with a glass of water with fresh-squeezed lemon or lemon oil! (Just make sure it’s an edible, 100% natural-grade oil and not anything synthetic if you go the essential oil route.) There are so many benefits of lemon water, but the main reasons to drink it are that it flushes your system of toxins, alkalizes your body, and keeps your digestive system working as it should. This gives you more energy, fights off inflammation, and provides you with an all-natural health boost that’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

2. Sweat it out before you hop in the shower

You know daily exercise is ideal, but some days it can feel like there’s NO extra time. Enter: the pre-shower sweat session. Make it a goal to “earn” your shower working up a sweat first with some lunges, push-ups, squats, and more. After a few minutes you’ll have toned your muscles, energized yourself for the day, and maybe encouraged yourself to make exercise more of a habit during the rest of the week.

3. Never eat a bad egg again

A graphic showing you how to tell if your eggs are expired or good to eat.

You’re not a bad egg; we think you’re great! But eating a bad egg? Not so great. To test the freshness of those last few guys hanging around in the carton, drop ‘em in a bowl of water. Fresh eggs will sink, eggs perfect for hard-boiling will sink on their side, and bad eggs will float. See the full egg explanation here. (Photo Credit: Food-Hacks.WonderHowTo.com)

4. Meditate to clear your mind

Setting aside as little as five minutes to meditate each day pays off big: those who commit to daily meditation are less stressed, sleep better, and have improved immune function over those who don’t. (Check out more science-based reasons to meditate, here!) It’s especially helpful to meditate at the start of the week to gather your energy and go into the busy week with a calm intention.

5. Use baking soda as a natural produce scrub

a picture of baking soda and water

Combine a few teaspoons of baking soda to 1-2 cups of water and you have a natural produce scrub! You can add the mixture to a spray bottle or combine it in a large mixing bowl. Either way, use the solution to get pesticides, dirt, and other unwanted goodies out of every nook and cranny in your produce. Make sure to rinse your veggies and fruits thoroughly afterward for a fresh, clean taste.

6. Fancy up a water bottle to guzzle more

A water bottle marked with time to help you drink more water.

If you struggle with drinking enough water throughout the day, a permanent marker and a clear water bottlemight just be the cute but effective health hack you need. Divide the bottle into 200 ml intervals that coordinate with every hour in the day. If you stay on track, you’ll reach the magic eight glasses by dinnertime! Get the complete DIY water bottle how-to here.

7. Meal prep your way to healthy lunches

When the weekdays get overwhelmingly busy, we’re often left to poor choices for lunch like fast food restaurants or whatever’s closest to the office. Avoid that debacle by meal-prepping ahead of time. Use Sunday—or whatever day of the week you have a little time—to cook chicken breasts, hard boil eggs, make a big batch of brown rice, chop veggies, and more. You can prep several lunches and dinners at a time this way, using different herbs and add-ons to provide a variety of flavors to each dish!

8. Take a stretch break

Photo of woman taking a stretch break

A mid-day stretch break boosts your energy, improves your focus, and benefits your mood! Set aside 5 minutes in between long stretches of work to stretch your muscles.

9. Turn your commute into a chance to laugh

Nothing sucks the joy out of a day like sitting in traffic, but you can find a silver lining in any long commute thanks to podcasts. Laughing along to a funny podcast will help the time go by faster, help you decompress from work, and help you forget about the fact that you’re moving at a snail’s pace. A few ones to get you started: You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes, or 2 Dope Queens.

10. Save wilting herbs with an ice cube tray

Herbs and Oilve Oil in Ice Cube Tray

When your fresh herbs are on the way out (aka starting to turn brown or are wilting), don’t toss them! Instead, put chopped herbs in ice cube trays, fill with olive oil, and freeze. Now you’ll always have cubes ready for sautéing veggies and meat or tossing in sauces! Get the full directions from The Hungry Mouse here.

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