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Get a workout in while you watch your favorite show

A workout planned to the TV show Scandal

We’re all guilty of it. We say there is not enough time in the day to the hit gym, but yet we find time to watch three plus hours of TV every night. How about putting that TV to good use? Whether you prefer Scandal, Orange Is The New Black, or Modern Family (or 40 other shows) there is a “watch and work” workout for you! Check out BuzzFeed’s immaculate list of 43 TV show workouts that will have you sweating while staying abreast of pop culture. (Photo Credit: TheBuffGeek.BlogSpot.com)

Use essential oils to clean more naturally

There are so many uses for essential oils, but making natural cleaning solutions top our list. Plus, who wouldn’t prefer natural lemon and lime over smelly chemicals and cleaning products? Combine baking soda, vinegar, and a few drops of lime oil to scrub out the tub or sink; freshen your kitchen sponge with a few drops of lemon oil between uses. For more cleaning ideas with essential oil.

Make a DIY travel cup

A DIY To-Go Cup for smoothies using Glad Press N Seal Wrap and A Straw

How come we didn’t think of this ages ago! Take your smoothies and protein shakes on the go by covering a cup with Press ‘n Seal and popping in a straw. So simple, yet so awesome. Get the full how-to from Glad here.

Never buy a rotten avocado again

Avocados are expensive and when you end up with a rotten one, talk about bad news bear. You can avoid this grocery store travesty by flicking the dry stem off the bottom. If you see a brown patch under the stem, put it back. If you see a bright yellow-green color, put it in the cart. Huzzah! Get the complete avocado low down from Northwest Edible Life here.

Soothe a sore throat with a marshmallow

Marshmallows used to soothe sore throat and cough

Sore throat? Bust out a bag of marshmallows. Sap from the marshmallow plant has been used for hundreds of years to help treat coughs, colds, and sore throats. But the fluffy little guys we know and love from everybody’s favorite campfire treat may help ease throat pain thanks to the coating and soothing properties of the gelatin according to Health magazine.

Make onions, garlic, and shallots last longer.

Bags of onions and garlics for a hack to keep them fresh and last longer.

Onions, garlic, and shallots already last longer than your average banana, apple, or orange but make them last basically forever (i.e. 3 months) with this simple trick. Steal your child’s paper lunch bag, punch holes in it, and secure with a paper clip. Yes, onion tears are still a thing, but at least we’ve conquered the rot. Get the full directions from The Yummy Life here.

Destink your sneakers

To really destink your running shoes—we mean really get that funk out—requires a four step process. Wash and air dry, sprinkle with a homemade deodorizing powder, stuff with newspaper overnight, and finally, pop them in the freezer. Yes, give them a deep freeze! Get the full directions from Housewife How To’s here.

Baby your spices

Baby food jars turned into magnetic spice jars on a fridge.

No, we don’t mean coddle your spices. For the parents of little ones out there, transform your odds and ends spice collection into uniformed-sized leftover baby food jars. Cover with cute fabric, give it a label, and pop on a magnet to attach to the side of your fridge for easy access. Get the full directions here(Photo Credit: oneluckypickle.com

Make exercise a real page-turner

Yes Please Amy Poehler Audible Book

If your biggest health set back is getting your butt to the gym, up the ante. Download an audio book you won’t be able to stop listening to and make a rule to only listen to it when you’re working out. An I-can’t-put-this-down book will guarantee more trips to the gym!

Use yoga to heal a headache

If you have a tension headache that just won’t go away, try yoga poses that are inversions, meaning they place your head below your heart. Yoga poses for headache relief  include downward facing dog, child’s pose, and legs up the wall pose. These poses will improve circulation, stretch out tense neck and shoulder muscles, and help you relax—all of which can help your headache go away faster.Whip up homemade sweet potato chips in five minutes

Homemade sweet potato chips made in under five minutes.

Packed with vitamin C, iron, and beta-carotene, homemade sweet potato chips are a deliciously healthy side dish or snack. But sometimes cravings hit, and you just can’t wait 20 minutes for the oven to do its magic or your hand will soon be in a store-bought much-less-healthier bag. Here’s where this hack comes in. Turns out, you can make sweet potato chips in the microwave in less than five minutes. Get the full directions from SheKnows here(Photo Credit: sheknows.com

Avoid limp lettuce

A big bowl of lettuce on hand for salads is always a great thing to have in a fridge. But a big bowl of lettuce tends to go a little limp a little bit too fast. Let’s stop that. Simply place a single paper towel on top of lettuce in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Replace the paper towel every couple of days as it absorbs the moisture that makes the lettuce go bad. Your greens should be good for at least a week!

Chew gum to curb cravings

Blowing bubbles with gum

When your cravings aren’t due to hunger, but more out of boredom, try chewing a piece of bubblegum instead of looking through the freezer for some ice cream. It takes your mind off whatever sweet treat you were looking for and provides you with an instant distraction.

Scrape your tongue to remove toxins

Studies show that scraping your tongue is more effective than just using a toothbrush at removing bacteria; plus, it fights bad breath and is also believed to boost your immunity. Tongue scraping is actually part of an ancient Ayurvedic practice because it removes toxins that would otherwise be reabsorbed into your body and improves overall immunity. You can buy a metal tongue scraper at your local drug store and start incorporating it into oral hygiene routine.

Make your bath extra relaxing with epsom salts

Photo of epsom salt with lavender towel

Adding some epsom salts to your bath (which you can find at any local drugstore) will give you an extra boost of relaxation. Epsom salts contain magnesium, which helps to soothe sore muscles and naturally relax your body. They can help with insomnia, anxiety, and more, and cost just a few dollars.

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